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Finding the right realtor to market your property will be a major step in getting the best price for your home.


Being dedicated realtors, our first priority would be your interest at heart. Work exclusively with us and experience the highest quality service and professionalism.


Give us a call or drop us a message. We will gladly be your partner to kickstart the property journey.

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We will provide a property report consisting of market price trend, competitors pricing and marketing strategies


Home-makeovers will be provided for exclusive listings if needed for a more enhance house presentation


An SEO friendly property landing page will be created to solely market your property for an exclusive listing.(See Sample)


Listings on property platform

SEO, Google and Facebook targeted marketing

Social media shares


Professional photography, videography and virtual tour will be provided for exclusive listings (T&C Applies)


Regardless if this is your first  property or if you have multiple property portfolios, we will create a bespoke property roadmap to suit your property goals





Done Deal

Be our property partner

The first step to a great partnership is to be exclusive. We treat our relationship with clients akin to marriage. A marriage is a long term commitment that requires 110% dedication. We want to be your partner so you get our full attention.


Selling a property in Singapore is about quality and not quantity. You can engage 10 agents without exclusivity, but they are unlikely to place your property as their main priority due to competitions. 

The reality is that most agents would use the same listing platforms to market your property. They are unlikely to invest in time and large advertising expenses to market your property earnestly. Moreover, you run the risk of having a bad deal when multiple agents use aggressive price strategies to market your property.  Their intention is to close the deal when the first offer comes as they are only paid when a transaction is closed.

An exclusive listing with us would mean that you have our undivided time and commitment. We will provide full access to our suite of marketing platforms to customise the marketing plan most efficient for your property. With our proprietary link up, we will have up to 11 agents marketing for you without extra costs.

The best part of having an exclusive deal? 

This exclusive arrangement is complimentary.

If we fail to deliver at the end of the exclusive period, there will be no fee to you. Commissions are only payable when your property is sold. Quality over quantity. That's all it matters.

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Film Set

Target the right buyer

The right marketing will determine the speed and returns on your property. The usual practice of simply listing your property on platforms like Property Guru or 99. co may not be sufficient to get you the right buyers.

We will market your property the RIGHT way.

Our full suite of the latest marketing platforms.

  • A dedicated listing page for Facebook, Google Ads Targeting     SAMPLE

  • Professional photography, videography and virtual tour

  • Home staging for enhancing house presentation

  •  Listings on property platform

  • Features on social media platforms - Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Linkedln

  •  End to end campaign management

  • Proprietary NAVIS Link up to create a wider reach - your property will be marketed by 11 agents using our marketing collateral at NO extra cost. Only for exclusive listing.

  • Co-broke with our partners from other agencies for a wider reach

Each property is unique and deserves a tailored digital marketing solution for maximum exposure. Once we reach a consensus on concept and approach, leave the rest to us. All you have to do is to sit back and reap the result.

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Know your competitors

How to price your property?

Many owners would already have a price in their heads when it comes to selling the property. Some would underprice their properties as they do not know the market, while others may attach a sentimental premium on the property and price themselves out of the market.

To market your property efficiently, we rely more on just 'gut feel'.

We will find the sweet spot to price your house efficiently with the following

-Analysis the general price trend for properties

-Assess past transactions of similar properties in your locale

-Check for current neighbouring sales

-Assess the current condition of your house and propose makeovers if necessary.



From here, we will set the valuation of the property and will market it at the best price once we reach a mutual agreement.

As you can see, we do not leave things up to chance. Every detail is scrutinised to get the best deal out of your house. 

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Business Meeting

Plan for the future

Selling a property would demand a thorough planning process. We would work together to adopt the right selling strategy and share the process and expected completion timeline with you.

Our goal is to help you achieve the most optimal price of your property base on our negotiations strategy and offers made.

That is not all.

While a listing may be a one-off transaction, we are firm believers in long term relationships. Other than the existing listing, we will conduct a 1-on-1 Property Roadmap session to discuss your property aspirations and exit strategies. With 2 decades of wealth planning experience, we will also provide property legacy planning using property strategies like decoupling and 99/1. We will share the advantages and pitfalls of such strategies and assess if it should be part of your wealth planning stradegy.

At the end of the day, we want you to be more than just a client. Like every marriage, you get a life partner. We strive to be your property partner for life!

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