Your home is a sanctuary, it is your private space.

Property purchase in Singapore can be a time consuming and stressful experience.

At Private Home Collection, we would like to change this perception. Be it upgrading from HDB, selling your investment property or looking for a new home to stay, we want to be your Property Partner.

Our goal is to ensure you enjoy this house hunting process. Each individual has their own set of needs, expectations and issues. We will provide a BESPOKE solution regardless of the client.

It is more than just buying or selling a house, it is finding a HOME.

From the latest property news, new launch details, mortgage financial planning and holistic property wealth advisory, we will make your property hunt a blissful journey that you would savour. Backed by in-house analytics and market research, our service is based on real-time data and market insights to provide you with facts and figures, not hype.


PHC is founded by Marcellus, a veteran banker turned realtor under Navis Living Group.


Your HOME delivered with the highest integrity

We strive to serve with utmost integrity, placing client's interest at the forefront. Tailoring solutions provided to each individual with an in-depth understanding of the client's property aspiration, financial goals, emotional and physical needs.

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Realtor | Client Advisor | Friend


For many, a property would be the biggest asset that one would purchase. While the investment aspect is essential for property due to the big-ticket size, finding a place call HOME is equally important. 

Choose a partner and a friend who will walk with you through the property maze in Singapore. 

The hunt for the right property starts from choosing the right trusted realtor regardless if this is your first home or your next investment property

From Private Banker to Your Real Estate Partner 

As a veteran Private Banker with 2 decades of financial experience, bespoke wealth planning to individuals have always been a part of my life. After a hiatus, I found my calling in the property market.  Having experienced and enjoyed the benefits of several property cycles coupled with my financial background, my goal is to provide a real estate roadmap that will include property wealth planning strategies like decoupling, exit strategies and sell 1 buy 2.

The Modern Realtor

These days, it takes more than just a smile to be a successful realtor, the modern realtor should be a combination of one with financial acumen and a dedicated social media practitioner. The right use of social marketing will ensure that clients' listings will be seen by the right target audience in the shortest possible time.  We combine digital marketing with home makeovers, in-house data-driven insights and analysis to conduct our target marketing. In fact, what you see on this website is solely created by us.

Delivering quality services base on facts and figures, not hype.


MSc in Wealth Management

Certified Digital Marketing (Youtube Marketing, Facebook Advertising, Google Ads and SEO)

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For your property matters, drop me a call, WhatsApp or email. I will be glad to be of service.

Private Home Collection is an independent platform under Navis Living Group - OrangeTee & Tie

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